1st Grade Goals

 Welcome to 1st Grade 

Reading Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Unit 3: Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction

  • Students will notice that nonfiction books are different from fiction books
  • Students will study each page, and learn facts about a topic
  • Students will practice retelling
  • Students will use reading strategies to help them figure out how to read tricky words
  • Students will learn new vocabulary words (key words) about their nonfiction topics

Unit 4: Readers Have Big Jobs to Do: Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension

  • Students will use everything they know to solve a word
  • Students will learn to self monitor by checking the words
  • Students will set new reading goals 
  • Students will make predictions while reading their books
  • Students will use words they know to help them solve words they don’t know
  • Students will use sight words to read fluently 
  • Students will learn reading comprehension skills to help them build their comprehension skills

Writing Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Unit 3: Nonfiction Chapter Books

  • Students will understand that in nonfiction books, there are facts
  • Students will think of topics that they know about to teach others
  • Students will teach their topics using pictures, diagrams, words
  • Students will add details, and  content vocabulary words in their nonfiction books 
  • Students will add chapters in their nonfiction books
  • Students will add introduction and conclusion in their nonfiction books 

Unit 4: Writing Reviews (Opinion Writing)

  • Students will think of topics ideas for reviews
  • Students will give their opinion about a topic and give reasons
  • Students will add examples for each reason
  • Students will add introduction and conclusion in their opinion writing 

Math Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Topic 6: Represent and Interpret Data

  • Students will organize data into categories
  • Students will use tally chart to interpret data
  • Students will use picture graph to interpret data
  • Students will solve math word problems 

Topic 7: Extend the Counting Sequence

  • Students will count by 10’s to 120
  • Students will count by 1’s to 120
  • Students will count on a number chart to 120
  • Students will count to 120 using an open number line

Topic 8: Understand Place Value

  • Students will read and write numbers to 19
  • Students show groups of 10 with connecting cubes
  • Students will group tens to solve problems
  • Students will decompose numbers in multiple ways
  • Students use tens and ones to make numbers in different ways