2nd Grade Goals September-November

 Welcome to 2nd Grade  

Math Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Topic 1: Fluently Add and Subtract Within 20

  • Students will review and practice the following strategies to add quickly and accurately: count on, use doubles and near doubles, make a 10, count on and back on a number line, related addition facts
  • Students will review and practice the following strategies to subtract quickly and accurately: related addition facts, make a 10, count back
  • Students will learn objects, diagrams, and equations to help solve word problems
  • Students will learn that good math thinkers use words, pictures, numbers and symbols to explain their thinking 

Topic 2: Work with Equal Numbers 

  • Students will learn odd and even numbers
  • Students will learn to use repeated addition to write quotations to find the total number of objects in an array
  • Students will use arrays to solve word problems

Topic 3: Add Within 100 Using Strategies

  • Students will add within 100 using place value
  • Students will use math tools such as hundred chart, open number line, counters, cubes
  • Students will learn break apart strategy to add two-digit numbers
  • Students will look at addends to help subtract and add
  • Students will solve  multi step word problems

Topic 4: Fluently Add Within 100

  • Students will solve addition problems with 2 digit numbers 
  • Students will learn the following strategies to help solve addition problems with 2 digit numbers: models, place value blocks, partial sums, break apart, adding numbers in any order
  • Students solve one and two step problems using drawings, models and equations