3rd Grade Goals

 Welcome to 3rd Grade 

Reading Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Unit 1: Building a Reading Life

  • Students will review fiction story elements
  • Students will read book with fluency
  • Students will stop and check for comprehension of a text
  • Students will practice envisioning to collect information from a text
  • Students will make predictions about what will happen next
  • Students will retell and summarize important events in a story, in order
  • Students will use different reading strategies to  help them figure out how to read tricky words 
  • Students will use expressions to read figurative language 
  • Students will consider Author’s Purpose in a text
  • Students will write book reviews to recommend books to their peers 


Unit 2: Mystery/Series

  • Students will pay attention to clues in a mystery
  • Students will make predictions thinking about the characters in the text
  • Students will pay close attention to tricky parts in a mystery
  • Students will pay close attention to the important parts of a mystery
  • Students will get to know the characters in their texts
  • Students will pay attention to character problems and how they react
  • Students will compare and contrast characters across a series
  • Students will read closely to monitor for sense
  • Students will pay attention to character relationships in a series
  • Students will retell and summarize important parts of a text

Writing Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Unit 1: Narrative- Small Moments

  • Students will identify a big event vs. a small moment
  • Students will add characters, characters’ feelings, setting and sensory details in their stories
  • Students will add an introduction, middle and conclusion in their small moment stories 
  • Students will revise and edit their stories using a checklist 

Unit 2: Opinion Writing 

  • Students will take a stance on a topic
  • Students will address their audience when taking a stance
  • Students will give reasons to support their opinion 
  • Students will add introduction and conclusion in their persuasive writing
  • Students will revise and edit their writing using a persuasive writing checklist

Math Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Topic 1: Understanding Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers 

  • Students will use repeated addition to show the relationships between multiplication and addition
  • Students will use number lines to join equal groups
  • Students will use arrays and properties to understand multiplication 
  • Students will use sharing to separate equal groups to think about division
  • Students will use repeated subtraction to understand the relationship between division and subtraction 

Topic 2: Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns

  • Students will gain fluency in multiplication
  • Students will use number relationships and patterns to develop reasoning strategies to support their recall of the basic multiplication facts

Topic 3: Apply Properties: Multiplication Facts for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

  • Students will use the distributive property to solve problems with multiplication within 100
  • Students will use different math tools and strategies to solve unknown facts: bar diagrams, arrays
  • Students will use associative property of multiplication to group factors when multiplying 
  • Students will repeat reasoning with known facts to make generalizations when multiplying

Topic 4: Use Multiplication to Divide: Division Facts

  • Students will use multiplication facts to divide
  • Students will use even and odd numbers to identify multiplication patterns
  • Students will use properties to understand division
  • Students will use patterns and known facts to find unknown multiplication facts, which will help find related division facts