4th Grade Goals

 Welcome to 4th Grade 

Reading Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Unit 4: Reading History: The American Revolution 

  • Students will research and learn about a topic
  • Students will learn to notetake, and organize the important information 
  • Students will learn to synthesize information about key subtopics 
  • Students will support their own points of view of a topic using historical evidence 
  • Students will read and tackle challenging texts 

Unit 5: Test Prep/Unit of Your Choice 

  • Students will determine the main idea of short passages
  • Students will read passages of different genres: narrative, expository, non fiction, poetry 
  • Students will learn to summarize the passages
  • Students will compare and contrast two texts
  • Students will learn different text features

Writing Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Unit 4: Bringing History to Life (Historical Writing Unit)

  • Students will take notes using boxes and bullets
  • Students will learn to think about the structure of their historical writing
  • Students will use text features to highlight information 

Unit 5: Test Prep Unit 

  • Students will compare and contrast essays
  • Students will learn the difference between evidence and reason
  • Students will organize information for essay writing
  • Students will write an introduction and conclusion for their essay
  • Students will practice writing short response questions

Math Goals

Term 2 (January-March)

Topic 8: Extending Understanding of Fraction Equivalence and Ordering

  • Students will learn equivalent fractions using area models, number lines
  • Students will generate equivalent fractions using multiplication and division
  • Students will compare fractions

Topic 9: Understanding Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

  • Students will model addition of fractions
  • Students will decompose fractions
  • Students will add fractions with like denominators
  • Students will add and subtraction fractions with like denominators
  • Students will model addition and subtraction of mixed numbers 
  • Students will add and subtract mixed numbers

Topic 10: Extend Multiplication Concepts to Fractions

  • Students will multiply a fraction by whole number using models and symbols

Topic 11: Represent and Interpret Data on Line Plots

  • Students will read and make line plots
  • Students will use line plots to solve problems

Topic 12: Understand and Compare Decimals

  • Students will understand and compare fractions and decimals on the number line
  • Students will compare decimals
  • Students will add fractions with denominators of 10 and 100
  • Students will solve word problems involving money