Kindergarten Goals

 Welcome to Kindergarten 

Reading Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Unit 1: We Are Readers

  • Students will explore reading concept books, such as numbers, color books, non fiction/fiction books, signs 
  • Students will reread a book to learn more by rethinking what they have read
  • Students will learn about the characters in their favorite books
  • Students will learn to read with their reading partners

Unit 2: Emergent Reading: Looking Closely at Familiar Texts (If…Then)

  • Students will build their reading stamina
  • Students will continue to reread their favorite storybooks
  • Students will use pictures to help them understand characters in a story
  • Students will study the characters in their books and thinking about how they are feeling
  • Students will pay attention to words they know 
  • Students will learn to retell the important events/parts of a story
  • Students will write sentences about books using text evidence
  • Students will continue to read with their reading partners
  • Students will ask questions about the books they are reading to their partner

Writing Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Unit 1:Launching the Writing Workshop

  • Students will learn the routine for writers’ workshop
  • Students will put ideas on paper with pictures and words
  • Students will picture what they want to write, then draw and add words on their paper
  • Students will stretch out words to write tricky words
  • Students will learn to plan their writing 
  • Students will learn to label their pictures with words
  • Students will bring writing to life by adding dialogue with speech bubbles
  • Students will edit and revise their writing

Unit 2: Show and Tell: From Labels to Pattern Books

  • Students will write about objects they love by drawing and labeling the pictures
  • Students will build their writing stamina by writing more, adding more pictures
  • Students will stretch out words to spell words
  • Students will work with their writing partners to support one another
  • Students will add longer labels, and write more by adding sentences
  • Students will add snap words (high frequency words) in their writing
  • Students will learn to leave spaces in between words

Math Goals

Term 1 (September-November)

Topic 1: Numbers 0-5

  • Students will count, group, read and write numbers 0-5
  • Students will solve math word problems 
  • Students will use the following math tools: counters, number cards, connecting cubes

Topic 2: Compare Numbers 0-5 

  • Students will compare groups of numbers up to 5
  • Students will learn greater than, less than, equal to

Topic 3: Numbers 6-10

  • Students will count, group, read and write numbers 6-10

Topic 4: Compare Numbers 0-10

  • Students will compare groups of numbers up from 0-10
  • Students will continue to solve math word problems

Topic 5: Classify Count Data

  • Students will be able to classify objects into categories and tell why they are in each category
  • Students will be able to use counting to compare objects in different categories
  • Students will be able to tell whether the way objects have been sorted, counted and compared makes sense