FAQ - School Re-opening 2020 - 2021

FAQ - School Re-opening 2020 - 2021

Posted April 23, 2021

Will there be another Opt-In period from Full Remote to Blended?

At this time there will not be another Opt-In period

When will PS 144 start 5 days a week for our Blended Learners?

April 26, 2021 - Grades K  - 2 will begin 5 days a week

April 28, 2021 - Grades 3 - 5 will begin 5 days a week

Will the school move desks to 3 ft?

Yes, the school has moved all desks to 3ft in the classroom during instructional time.

How will meals be at PS 144?

Students will eat meals 6 ft apart according to the guidelines.  If the weather is nice students will eat lunch outside on a towel - 6 ft from a friend.  If the weather is cold or rainy we will use 15 different locations around the building.

Breakfast will be served at 8:10 a.m. using the 69th Ave and Kessel Street Door.

Will Dismissal doors change?

As of right now we are not changing dismissal doors.  We are requesting that once you pick up your child you leave the school area to help with social distancing.


We will have 4 gates open for access to the courtyard area.  2 on Kessel and 2 on Juno.  Please have your childs health screening ready and then once your child enters the courtyard area please say good-bye and leave the area. This will help with social distancing.

Posted November 4, 2020

When is the next opt-in period from FULL REMOTE to BLENDED?

The only planned blended learning opt-in window for families for the 2020–21 school year is from November 2 through 15. During the blended learning opt-in window, families and schools will have access to the following:

Blended Learning Opt-in Window for Families

Families who had previously chosen remote-only learning will be able to opt-in to blended learning for the remainder of this school year using the Learning Preference Survey. Using this  survey, families will continue to have the option to switch from blended to remote-only learning at any time. Families can also call 311 to complete the survey over the phone if they prefer.

Do we need to consent to Covid Testing if we my child is a Blended Student?

Covid testing is for students in Grades 1 - 5. Please note that students in blended learning must submit a consent form to participate in random testing for COVID-19. The test is quick, easy, and painless, and it helps protect our school and broader communities

If we opt into Blended learning can we choose our Cohort?

Unfortunately, due to class size, your child's Cohort will be assigned by the school.  We will try and keep siblings together unless a parent requests otherwise.  We can not take requests for a specific Cohort.

Will the remote teacher change if we opt into Blended Learning?

Yes, you child will have a Blended Remote teacher which will be different than the current Full Remote teacher

Do students have school on Veterans Day?

In honor of Veterans Day school is closed. There will be NO REMOTE Learning on this day.

What is the weather guideline for students to go outside?

Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible, while maintaining social distancing. Unless it is snowing, or there is ice on the playground, or the wind chill factor produces an effective temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not be a barrier to outdoor play.

The staff is encouraged to maintain outdoor play periods.  Please make sure your child dresses warm and  ensure that they are appropriately dressed on very cold days. When outdoors, ensure that your child covers exposed skin, wear warm clothing, and use multiple layers to maintain warmth. Students should also continue to adhere to physical distancing requirements by remaining at least six feet apart at all times.​​​​​​​ 

New Questions Posted - Sept. 9, 2021

If my G/T student is Full Remote or in a Blended Cohort, will they be taught by a G and T teacher? 
We make every effort to ensure G/T students are taught by G&T certified teachers. In cases where this is not possible due to availability and staffing constraints, teachers selected to teach G/T students will have:  
  • knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of gifted students; 
  • the skills for planning, providing and coordinating differentiated teaching and learning environments that appropriately challenge gifted students so they achieve at high levels; and  
  • abilities to collaborate with families and school staff to provide individualized instruction for gifted students
G/T students will receive instruction with adjustments to content, process, products, activities to meet their individualized needs.

BACK TO SCHOOL FAQ - Posted Sept. 2, 2021

  1. What is the start date of school?  Wednesday Sept. 16, 2020 for all student remotely. Here is the link from the DOE website with up to date information: NYCDOE Calendar
  2. What time will the school day begin for the students? Currently, the school day will begin at 8:30 a.m.  Doors will open at 8:25 a.m. 
  3. How will daily health screenings take place Students temperature will be taken prior to entrance into the building  https://healthscreening.schools.nyc/
  4. What are the Cohort A and Cohort B days for in person learning? For September Cohort A will come to school on Sept. 22, 23, 29 & 30    Cohort B will come to school on Sept. 21, 24 & 25. We will post an updated calendar on our school website.
  5. Will students have masks breaks? Yes, during the day the students will have a mask break.  The ideal masks break will take place outside where students in a class will be socially distant. Mask breaks may happen in the classroom with the windows opened during inclement weather.  
  6. Will Pre-K need to wear masks all day? Yes, pre-k students will need to wear masks all day; with masks breaks during the day ideally outside.  
  7. Is there bus service? Yes, we have bus service.  Currently, the pick up times are the same as last year.  We have requested they be adjusted to reflect an 8:30 a.m. start time.  To check if your child is eligible for bussing click this link: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/transportation/bus-eligibility
  8. What doors will the students be using for arrival in the morning? Arrival doors will be labeled for each grade. Our plan is to use 4 doors in the morning to allow for a quicker and safer entrance. A list of doors will be sent out prior to the first day arrival  
  9. What doors will the students be using for dismissal in the afternoon? As in years past we will be using several assigned dismissal doors.  Signs will be posted prior to the opening of school.  Please adhere to social distancing and pick up and once you have your child we are asking you to leave the premise. A list of doors will be sent out prior to the first day arrival  
  10. If my child is fully remote will their teacher be from PS 144?  As of right now we assigned them a PS 144 teacher; but that might change depending on the guidance from the DOE. 
  11. I requested a DOE issued Ipad/tablet and still have not received it? The school unfortunately, does not have any technology to hand out.  We are awaiting guidance if the DOE will issue the technology once again. 
  12. Will be my child still be able to eat breakfast in school? School breakfast is provided for all students that would like to have a breakfast at school.  It will be a Grab and Go breakfast. The student will take a bag breakfast and eat in their classroom.  There will be no hot food for breakfast. 
  13. Where will the students eat lunch and will lunch be provided from the school? Students will be provided a half hour instructional lunch time in their classrooms.  A bag lunch will be provided to the student if they need and/or want a school lunch.  Students will either wash their hands with soap and water prior to lunch if there is a sink in their classroom or be provided with a squirt of hand sanitizer prior to eating. They will be taken their masks off to eat lunch.  The teacher will have an N95 mask on at the time. 
  14. Will my child be permitted to use the bathroom during the day? Students in Pre-K and K have bathrooms in their classrooms and can use the bathroom anytime during the school day.  Students in Grades 1 – 5 can also go to the bathroom at any time during the school day.  They will be asked to use the hand sanitizer prior to leaving the classroom and upon returning to the classroom.  They will be reminded of proper hand washing throughout the day.  A staff member will be outside of the bathrooms to monitor how many students are in the bathroom at a time.   
  15. Will there be a revised suggested school supply list for remote students?  For now, do not go out and buy more than you had for Spring. 
  16. When will we be notified who my childs teacher is? Teacher notifications were sent out via regular mail- subject to change as per the growing numbers of changes in classes. 
  17. When will we receive a schedule for online class times? Schedule is forthcoming. As we are awaiting guidance from the DOE.   
  18. I signed up for blended learning and want to change to Full Remote. Can I do this? Yes at any time you can move to Full Remote learning.  A parent must complete this form https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreferenceand also email the school to let us know.
  19. Can I go from Full Remote to Blended Learning?  If you signed up your child for Full Remote Learning; the next opportunity for them to change to Blended Learning will be November.