1st Grade Goals March-June

 Welcome to 1st Grade 

Math Goals

Term 3 (March to June)

Topic 11: Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens

-Subtract tens using model

-Subtract Tens Using a Hundred Chart

-Subtract Tens Using an Open Line

-Using Addition to Subtract Tens

-Mental Math: Ten Less Than a Number


Topic 12: Measure Lengths

-Compare objects: length and height

-Use Units to Measure Length

-Measure length with Objects


Topic 13: Time

-Understand the Hour and Minute Hands

-Read clocks and write times: to the hour

-Read clocks and write times

-Time and clocks: word problems

-Compare clocks and time patterns


Topic 14: Reason with Shapes and Their Attributes

-Use Attributes to Define Two-Dimensional Shapes

-Compare shapes, count sides and vertices

-Defining and non-defining Attributes of 2-D Shapes

-Name two-dimensional shape

-Compose two-dimensional shapes using up to 4 smaller shapes

-Count vertices, edges and faces

-Name three- dimensional shape


Topic 15: Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles

-Make equal parts (Halves and fourths) of rectangles and circles

-Understands halves and fourths


Topic 16: Step Up to Grade 2

-Identify even or odd numbers of shapes -up to 20

-Identify even and odd numbers- up to 20

-Write additional sentences for arrays

-Add two-digit numbers without and with regrouping

-Use models to subtract two-digit numbers with and without regrouping

-Match analog and digital clocks:to five minutes

-Count by hundreds and skip counting by 5, 10, and 100s to 1,000

-Place values models-up to hundreds


Grade 1 Module Yearly Overview

  Reading Themes Writing Genres Dates
Module 1

Nice to Meet You 

(Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Narrative Nonfiction, Informational Text, Fairy Tale) 

Oral Story 

September- October 
Module 2

My Family, My Community

(Opinion Writing, Informational Text, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy)

Descriptive Essay

October- November
Module 3

Amazing Animals 

(Informational Text, Realistic Fiction, Folktale, Fantasy, Narrative Nonfiction, Procedural Text) 

Research Essay 

November- December
Module 4

Better Together 

(Informational Text, Biography, Fantasy, Folktale) 

Procedural Text 

Module 5

Now You See It, Now You Don't 

(Informational Text, Fantasy, Opinion Writing, Narrative, Nonfiction)

Imaginative Story 

February- March
Module 7

The Big Outdoors

(Opinion Writing, Informational Text, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Procedural Text, Narrative Nonfiction)


March- April 
Module 8 

Tell Me a Story 

(Informational Text, Folktale, Fable, Fantasy, Drama, Biography)

Personal Narrative 

April- May
Module 10 

Dare to Dream

(Informational Text, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, Biography) 

Biographical Essay 

May- June