Student Work and Art

Students and parents came to school on Lunar New Year to learn about the special day. They created fun Lunar New Year Crafts. They also met and listened to the author Aram Kim. She read her book "Sunday Funday in Koreatown" to parents and students and even showed them how to draw the main character.

Students learned about Martin Luther King Jr. They listened to a read aloud of Martins Big Words and worked on vocabulary, they did a STEM project to create a podium and created a mural.

 Starting to work on the mural  Mural Peach justice    Mural Friendship   Finished mural  podium with no color  podium with color  podium with mic  Planning for podium Starting to work on podium   podium with clay mic  Listening to Martins Big Words  Martins Big Words questions  Podium with lots of clay  podium with notes 

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who is sometimes called “The Princess of Polka Dots”. Although she makes lots of different types of art, paintings, sculptures, performances and installations, they have one thing in common-DOTS! For this project, the students learned all about Yoyoi Kusama and her artwork. We focused on how she uses dots to show depth in her pumpkins. We also noticed the different patterns in the background and foreground. Next, we drew pumpkins on colored construction paper, added dots with black paint and oil pastels for the patterns in the background and foreground. Mrs. Weiss-Visual Arts 1st Grade

P.S. 144Q's Let's Rock This School Year Event

3K-5th grade students and their families came to the school to draw or write messages on rocks. 


 Rocks that are painted.