PA Meetings and Events

PA Meetings

2022-2023 School Year

PA General Meetings and Executive Board Meetings

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Meetings

The PA Meeting takes place on the first Monday of the month with some exceptions. Please see the calendar below.

General Meeting @ 7pm
Executive Board Meeting @ 8pm


Meeting ID: 957 3471 8927
Passcode: 572621


Our Inclusion and Diversity Committee (I&D) advocates inclusion and diversity for all activities, events, and initiatives for P.S. 144. The committee strives to create a community where diversity in all forms, including language, culture, race, immigration status, ability, economic class, and religion, is valued and respected. Please reach out to to learn more or join the committee. 

The monthly I&D meetings take place on Tuesdays @ 8:30PM.
See the dates below. All PA members are encouraged to join.

Meeting ID: 957 3471 8927
Passcode: 572621



Monday, September 12 Tuesday, September 13
Monday, October 3 Tuesday, October 11
Monday, November 7 Tuesday, November 15
Monday, December 5 Tuesday, December 13
Monday, January 9 Tuesday, January 10
Monday, February 6 Tuesday, February 14
Monday, March 6 Tuesday, March 14
Monday, April 3 Tuesday, April 18
Monday, May 1 Tuesday, May 9
Monday, June 5 Tuesday, June 13

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