About Us

School Vision

At PS 144, we continue to pride ourselves on our high achievement in all areas. We achieve through continual reflection collaboratively with our community of parents, teachers and the entire staff of our "village." Our expectations reflect the deeply held belief that we are responsible for all areas of a student's development-academic, social, and emotional and that through this development our world has change agents for the better.

Our Story

P.S. 144 is a vibrant school that is housed in a four story U-shaped brick structure built in 1931 and sits in a tree-lined area of Forest Hills.

Our educational program meets all of the NYS Learning standards requirements of literacy, mathematics, social studies, science and the arts. The integration of technology partnered with effective remediation, and enrichment, programs are all part of our goal in meeting the needs of all the students in our school.

Academics & Programs

Teacher’s K-5 use the Teacher’s College Units of Study in both reading and writing. This curriculum fosters higher level thinking through regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique books as well as their writing. Teachers embed test sophistication within their literacy teaching by supplementing with resources from Engage New York.

The Fundations phonics program is used for our K students. Our English Language Learners are provided with additional support in literacy through the Imagine Learning program. 

At PS 144 we use the enVisions Math program to our students in grades K-5.  enVisions has a strong emphasis on constructivist learning which focuses on students’ conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas and concepts.  The skills and strategies they are taught will enrich the math instruction in our school for all students K-5. 

Our Amplify Science Curriculum emphasizes a hands-on inquiry-based approach to learning where students construct their understanding of their natural world through problem solving and active exploration within their own classroom. This program provides the classroom teacher with hands-on activities and thematic units that will have students engaged all year long.

The Arts program at P.S. 144 offers instruction in the Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts. Besides the daily Arts program at our school we have fortunate to have partnered with many outside organizations to enrich the students in our school.  The students have enjoyed the experiences with the Queens Museum of Art, Dancing Classrooms, Marquis Studios, the Broadway Class and many local artists in the Forest Hills Area, some which are parents, who have enjoyed sharing their talents with the students of PS 144.  All of these wonderful enrichment programs are sponsored by our Parent Association.

Morning Drop-Off

69-20 Juno Street Forest Hills NY 11375

  • Grade Pre-K: Parents can drop off students in the classroom through the main door.
  • Grades K - 5: Parents can drop off students using the door on Kessel Street or the entrance by the ramp door behind the building. (In order to make a smoother transition, parents are not allowed to walk their child into the building for arrival)


To apply to P.S. 144Q, please contact us:

69-20 Juno Street Forest Hills NY 11375

(718) 268-2775