3rd Grade Goals March-June

 Welcome to 3rd Grade 

Math Goals

Term 3 March-June

Topic 13: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

-Find equivalent fractions using fraction strips

-Find equivalent fractions using area models

-Identify equivalent fraction on number lines

-Compare fractions with denominators using models

-Compare fractions


Topic 14: Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems

-Read clocks and write times

-Identify times written in words

-Find elapsed time

-Find the end time: word problems

-Compare and convert metric units of volume

-measurement word problems


Topic 15: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Shapes

-Identify rectangles

-Identify parallelograms

-Identify rhombuses


Topic 16: Solve Perimeter Problems

-Perimeter of figures on grids

-Find the perimeter of rectangles and squares 

-PerimeterLfind the missing side length

-RElationship between area and perimeter

-Create rectangles and squares with a given area

Grade 3 Modules Yearly Overview

  Reading Themes Writing Genres Dates
Module 1

What a Character

(Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy)

Personal Narrative September-October
Module 3

Let Freedom Ring! 

(Informational Text, Informational Video, Narrative Nonfiction)

Descriptive Essay October- November
Module 4

Stories to Stage

(Informational Text, Opinion Text, Drama/Tall Tale, Classic Tale, Myth)

Story November- December
Module 5


(Informational Text, Realistic Fiction, Humorous Fiction Video, Narrative Nonfiction)

Persuasive Letter January- February
Module 7

Make a Difference

(Biography, Opinion Text, Memoir, Historical Fiction, Narrative Nonfiction) 

Opinion Essay February- March
Module 8

Imagine! Invent! 

(Informational Text, Biography, Narrative Poem, Opinion Text)

Research Report  March- April 
Module 9

From Farm to Table 

(Realistic Fiction, Editorial, Informational Text, Poetry)

Poem April-May
Module 10

Tell a Tale 

(Fables, Informational Text, Legend, Folktale, Fairy Tale)

Imaginative Story  May- June