4th Grade Goals March-June

 Welcome to 4th Grade 

Math Goals

Term 3: March-June

Topic 13:Measurement: Find Equivalence in Units of Measure 

-convert customary units of length

-convert customary units of volume

-convert customary units of weight

-convert metric unit of length

-convert metric units of mass and volume

-find the missing side length of rectangle


Topic 14: Algebra: Generate and Analyze Patterns

-use a rule to complete an addition or subtraction pattern

-use a rule to complete a multiplication or division input/output table

-find the next shape in a pattern


Topic 15: Understand Concepts of Angles and Angle Measurement

-points, lines, line segments, rays and angles

-acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles

-angles as fractions on a circle

-estimate angle measurements

-measure angles with a protractor

-draw angles with a protractor


Topic 16: Lines, Angles and Shapes

-parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines

-acute, obtuse, and right triangles

-classify quadrilaterals

-pick all the names for a quadrilateral

-identify lines of symmetry

-count lines of symmetry

-draw lines of symmetry

Grade 4 Modules Yearly Overview

  Reading Themes Writing Genre Dates
Module 1

What Makes Us Who We Are? 

(Realistic Fiction, Informational Text, Fantasy, Narrative Poetry, Folktale) 

Personal Narrative  September- October
Module 2

Come to Your Sense

(Informational Text, Informational Video, Personal Narrative, Historical Fiction) 

Descriptive Essay October- November
Module 3

Rise to the Occasion

(Biography, Argumentative Text, Historical Fiction, Informational Text/Interview, Play, Autobiographical Fiction)

Opinion Essay November- December 
Module 4

Heroic Feats

(Realistic Fiction, Informational Text, Fairy Tale, Narrative Nonfiction, Myth/Play)

Story January- February
Module 5

Art Everywhere

(Biography, Argumentative Text, Biography, Informational Video, Poetry) 

Expository Essay February-March
Module 9

Global Guardians

(Informational Text, Letter, Graphic Novel, Realistic Fiction, Argumentative Text, Biography)

Research Report March- April
Module 7

Tricksters and Tall Tales

(Informational Text, Tall Tale, Folktale, Fable, Legend)

Imaginative Story April- May
Module 12

Genre Fiction Focus

(Realistic Fiction, Traditional Tales) 

Editorial  May- June