5th Grade Goals March-December

 Welcome to 5th Grade 

Math Goals

Term 3 March-June

Topic 15: Analyze Patterns and Relationships

-use a rule to complete a number pattern

-complete a table for a number plan

-complete a table for a two-variable relationship

-compare patterns

-graph patterns using rules

-find the rule forma table: word problems


Topic 16: Geometric Measurement: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures

-acute, obtuse, and right triangles

-scalene,  isosceles, and equilateral triangles

-classify triangles

-name of quadrilaterals

-classify quadrilaterals

- describe relationships among quadrilaterals

-identify the relationships between quadrilaterals



Grade 5 Modules Yearly Overview

  Reading Themes Writing Genre Dates 
Module 1

Inventors at Work 

(Persuasive Essay, Narrative Nonfiction, Informational Text, Science Fiction/Fantasy)

Expository Essay September
Module 2

What a Story

(Informational Text, Fantasy/Adventure, Fiction/Fantasy, Play, Poetry)

Story October
Module 3

Natural Disasters

(Friendly Letter, Narrative Nonfiction, Media Video, Informational Text)

Persuasive Essay  October-November
Module 4

Wild West

(Informational Text, Magazine Article, Documentary Video, Historical Fiction)

Letter November- December
Module 5

Project Earth

(Informational Text, Persuasive Text, Play, Realistic Fiction)

Editorial January
Module 6 Art Everywhere   February- March 
Module 8

A New Home

(Informational Text, Poetry, Realistic Fiction)

Lyric Poem March 
Module 9 

Unexpected, Unexplained

(Informational Text, Mystery, Documentary Video)

Imaginative Story  April -May 
Module 7

Above, Below and Beyond

(Mini-Biographies, Informational Text, Autobiography, Narrative Nonfiction)

Research Report  June