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Hello and Welcome to the Parents Association of P.S. 144!

You are automatically enrolled as a member of the P.S. 144 Parents Association. The PA is here to support all P.S. 144 families. There are so many ways to get involved with our school community. You can attend a monthly PA meeting, volunteer at one of our fundraising events, serve as a class parent, or join a steering committee. By participating, you will influence your child’s school experience and connect with other parents.


Our Goals

  • Build a nurturing and inclusive school community 
  • Act as a liaison between parents and school administrators
  • Provide support and resources to our families 
  • Fund enrichment programs, provide supplies and equipment  


Our efforts and student enrichment programming are funded by YOU. Support P.S. 144 students by donating to the PA today! Send your donation via Zelle to and include your name, email address, and purpose of donation (e.g. annual appeal) in the comments. To donate via credit card, visit You may also write a check payable to PA of P.S. 144. Or donate via Paypal to


P.A. Executive Board





Diana Baldermann & Laura Weber

Co-Vice Presidents

Elisha Medina & Kristen Prinzo


Tina Lin

Co-Communications Secretaries

Jennifer Sobers & Tanya Wendt

Co-Recording Secretaries

Arien Garber & Jessica Upson


Contact & Connect

Parents’ Association

P.S. 144 Administration

Website: Phone: (718) 268-2775
Email: Address: 69-20 Juno St, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Facebook: Jennifer Lucadamo, Principal
IG: @pa144q Lydia Ra & Victoria Richardson, Assistant Principals
Twitter: Siobhan Kyne, Parent Coordinator

What Does the P.A. Do? 

Enrichment Programming

The P.A.’s number one budget priority is funding enrichment programming. All of our enrichments are paid for by YOUR donations. Programs are offered to all P.S.144 students during school hours, and include grade-appropriate, hands-on opportunities. We work closely with the school administration and faculty to select classes like puppetry, art with the Guggenheim Museum, hip-hop dance, drumming, chess, introductory language classes, and more. Visit for more information on each enrichment program. 


Throughout the year, the P.A. organizes fundraisers and community-building events to help students and parents get to know each other, such as the Fall Festival, Talent Show, Culture & Food Festival, and more.


PA General Meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 7pm. We encourage everyone to attend and learn more about what is happening at our school. Join our meetings via Zoom.


The Parents’ Association takes on causes that support the safety and happiness of all students including: ensuring safety around the school at drop-off and dismissal, campaigning for building upgrades, and working closely with the school administration. 


Our Inclusion & Diversity Committee (I&D) advocates inclusion and diversity for all activities, events, and initiatives for P.S. 144. The committee strives to create a community where diversity in all forms, including language, culture, race, immigration status, ability, economic class, and religion, is valued and respected.  Please reach out to to learn more or join the committee. 

Classroom Supplies and More

Thanks to your generous donations, the P.A. is also able to provide monetary support to the school for classroom supplies, teacher appreciation, student planners, and beyond.

Calendar of P.A. Events & Fundraisers, 2023 - 2024




Sept 6

Back to School Meet & Greet

Meet your child’s teacher in the schoolyard 

Sept 11

First P.A. General Meeting

Meet the P.A., learn about our plans for the year, and get involved!

Sept 14

I&D Committee Meeting


Sept 19 & 20

Picture Day


Oct 2

P.A. General Meeting


Oct 14

Fall Festival

A day of games, food, & crafts (raindate Oct 15)

Nov 2

I&D Committee Meeting


Nov 6

P.A. General Meeting


Nov 7

Election Day Bake Sale

Bakers needed! Check Facebook to sign up closer to the date

Dec 4

P.A. General Meeting


December 2023

Ice-Skating Fundraiser

Skate with P.S. 144 friends at the World Ice Arena while raising money for the P.A.!

Jan 4

I&D Committee Meeting


Jan 8

P.A. General Meeting


January 2024


Encourage a love of reading while raising money for the P.A.! Dates TBD

Feb 5

P.A. General Meeting


February 2024

Culture & Food Festival

Sample food from the many cultures of our P.S. 144 community

Mar 4

P.A. General Meeting


Mar 7

I&D Committee Meeting


March 2024

Super Saturday

Talent Show & Teacher Experience Silent Auction

Apr 8

P.A. General Meeting


April 2024

Bowling Fundraiser

Come bowl with P.S. 144 friends while raising money for the P.A.!

May 2

I&D Committee Meeting


May 6

P.A. General Meeting


May 2024

Spring Festival & Raffle


June 3  

P.A. General Meeting


June 2024

Staff Appreciation Week


June 2024

School Supply Kit Fundraiser

Order your supplies for next fall while raising money for the P.A.!

More events to come and some dates subject to change. For the latest news and updates, please visit our calendar at and join our Facebook group at


Donate To the PA!

Fundraising is a vital part of the Parents’ Associations’ efforts. Your donations to the P.A. provide ALL the funding for P.S. 144 enrichment programs for the entire year. 

P.A.-funded enrichment programs include art, music, language instruction, science and more, to all grades, 3K-5. To learn about the specific programs the P.A. funded for your child’s grade last year, visit

A donation of $144 per student in September will help us reach our fundraising goal for the year! We understand everyone’s financial situation is different. Each gift — no matter the size — is meaningful. There is no right or wrong amount to contribute, but donating is vital to our community. 

How to Give

    • QuickPay with Zelle: Send your donation to and include your name, email address, and purpose of donation (e.g. annual appeal) in the comments. 
    • Check: payable to the P.A. of P.S. 144, please write your child’s name and class on the check
  • Don’t Forget Employee Matching: if your employer has a donation matching program, please use it to support us! This is an easy way to increase the impact of your donation! You can find out if your employer has a matching program by contacting your HR department or looking on the company website.

All contributions are tax-deductible, as the Parents’ Association is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN# 11-6201843 or search for PTA-PS 144 Boro of Queens).

With your help, we look forward to creating amazing programs for the students this year!

Get Involved

Volunteering is an easy and fun way to be more involved with your child and get more connected to our school. If every P.S. 144 parent commits just two hours to helping out this year, together we can do amazing things for our kids and our school.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly make a difference in two hours, just leave that part to us (and trust us—you can!). Any and all help makes a huge difference for our school, and throughout the year we’ll have lots of ways to pitch in for short spurts.

We are eager to help you get involved in any way that works for your schedule and interests. What would you like to do? When would you like to do it? We’ll gladly work with you to find a way that you can help—involvement is for everyone. Simply email us at and we’ll be in touch to find opportunities that fit your interests and availability.


Become a Class Parent

Class parents play a vital role in facilitating communication between parents and the school administration. Class parents distribute information about upcoming school events to their fellow parents and may assist teachers in planning events for their child’s classroom, depending on the needs of the teacher. 


This is an easy way to get to know your child’s classroom community. If you are interested in volunteering as a class parent this year, please send an email to and include your child’s name, grade and class number. 


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We are deeply committed to keeping the streets and crosswalks surrounding P.S. 144 safe and pedestrian-friendly. Please help by following these guidelines:

  • Get your steps in! Walk to school instead of driving
  • If your child is assigned to a yellow bus, please utilize the bus instead of driving
  • If you drive: leave early and allow time to park, keep no stopping and no standing zones clear 
  • Don’t park on sidewalks or in crosswalks, don’t stop on 69th Avenue
  • If you hire a cab, please get dropped off near the entrance to the school yard

Shop to Earn


We participate in several shopping programs that donate a portion of your purchase to the P.A.


The next time you visit TDBank, have them link your account(s) to The Parents' Association of PS 144Q. TDBank will make a donation to the P.A. based on linked accounts (code AG862).

Box Tops

Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. You can still clip and send them to school. They may be sent throughout the year through your child's homework folder. Every valid Box Tops clip is worth 10¢ for your school. Make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.


The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to your school's earnings online. Eventually the Box Tops program will become digital-only as participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Top label. If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for your school. 

Visit for more  programs and information.


The ShopRaise app allows you to raise money for our school at no cost 

to you. There are hundreds of participating retailers, and our PA can earn up to 10% of each purchase when our members simply shop through the app. To learn more and download the app, visit